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LEGO Modular Fire Brigade : Top-Notch Lego, Rip-off Merchant!

But got it through the official lego website for £50 less. Would definitely recommend – my eleven year old daughter put it together in about 2 days.

Allways wanted lego as a child but my parents didn’t get me any, thought nows the time to treat myself. Very good and looks brilliant on display.

You may not have come across this series of ‘modular’ lego buildings before, and thats because they’re partly sold for the more competent builder (recommended age 16+). Lego have had a great history of themes for the mature audience, and the modular series has only added to their successes with great features such unique building elements, the technics ‘plugs’ that allow you to link each building together, and the educational sensibilities that allows the user to, actually, learn about the construction and design of the building in its real state. In my honest opinion, i’m arguing this ‘fire brigade’ set is the best of all the modular buildings. Of course, i do have my reasons+ the sense scale is just about perfect. What i found with other sets such as the ‘grand emporium’ were that the theme just didn’t set well within the size of the building, almost making it ironic that a grand emporium would be the same size as a green grocers, and vice versa. Upon removing the ‘layers’ of this building (all modular building sets have ‘layers’, so you can explore the inside), i get a genuine feel that the minifigures have the right sized space around them, and this really could be a nice little fire station in a town. + the additions to the building, or more specifically, the small fire engine that fits wonderfully into the station. This is the only modular set to have an additional vehicle/other product to assist the architecture. + the authenticity is fantastic, although upon saying this, all the modular sets have had plenty of thought put into them. Here are the specifications for the LEGO Modular Fire Brigade:

  • Year: 2009
  • Number of parts: 2231

Good price and as we were unable to get this anywhere else so this was a good find.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • C’mon Wheres the fire?
  • Top-Notch Lego, Rip-off Merchant!
  • present but arrived with in 5 days which was great G
  • the set and the quality and detail is LEGO Awesome. Very rare so get one quick

The set and the quality and detail is lego awesome. Addition to the set and the quality and detail is lego awesome.

Present but arrived with in 5 days which was great g. Hi there i cant write a review as its a christmas present but arrived with in 5 days which was great g g.