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LEGO The Lone Ranger 79111: Constitution Train Chase : Grandson Loves it

Best present i got for my son.

We all had fun building this on boxing day. Quick delivery, good instructions included, was not as big as i thought it would be.

Lego have surpassed themselves with this creation. Having seen the film and enjoyed it immensely i wanted to get this set. It has classic american railroad written all over it, and the design features are incredible. The train runs really smoothly on the tracks and there are loads of little details. The adaptation of the binocular part for the gatling gun is superb. A pity it isn’t motorised but you can’t have everything. Here are the specifications for the LEGO The Lone Ranger 79111: Constitution Train Chase:

  • Includes 7 minifigures with weapons and accessories
  • Features Constitution train, a full set of track, exploding water tower and the Lone Ranger’s horse, Silver
  • Features locomotive with lots of authentic detailing, coal car with secret hideout, wagon with rotating gatling gun
  • Water tower features exploding function, detachable container and water elements
  • Weapons include 3 revolvers, rifle, sword and a slingshot

Plenty of action and figures to play with.

Bought for my husband that will never grow up and it was built within a couple of hours. It now stands proudly on display in his ‘man room’.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Quality and Attention to detail.
  • Grandson Loves it
  • Pleased my son enormously

Excellent set for lego the lone ranger collectors. Specially if you motirize it.

Build very quickly looks fab. My son particular loves the front of the train pieces they look fantastic now he wants another train to crash into.

LEGO The Hobbit 79003: An Unexpected Gathering : You’ve Gotta Bag Bag End

I bought this item for my nephew for xmas. He was delighted with it and useless to say if he was delighted then so was i. The merchandise was excellent worth for funds and good high quality.

This afol loves it – and so does his wife. Great set, intriguing create, stunning rendering – super dwarf minifigsonly destructive is a sword for gandalf would’ve been wonderful, or else just a fantastic set.

So much i have purchased helms deep and now and unexpected gathering for my companion and this is my company favourite so far. As bag end is fairly a vibrant set this is so a great deal extra of an eye catching than some of the much more gray or brown sets, my spouse was also pretty pleased setting up this one afternoon. The notice to element in this set is unbelievable with the elven sword observed in the hobbit film down to the e book bilbo is crafting and maps the sheer sum of minimal bits and bobs integrated are wonderful. If you have someone who loved the dwarves in the hobbit they will really like this set, pity it did not appear with extra of them.Here are the specifications for the LEGO The Hobbit 79003: An Unexpected Gathering:

  • Accessories include 3 Middle-earth maps, flowers, fence, goblets, plates and food
  • House features a fence with gate, barrel, bench, removable roof, tree and leaf exterior and round windows
  • Includes 7 weapons: 2 swords, 2 knives, a club, a pick axe and a staff
  • Feed the hungry Dwarves with many food and drink accessories
  • Open the doors, gate and windows

Acquired as a xmas for my wife who was delighted and spent a satisfied pair of several hours building it. It tends to make a wonderful model and the small hobbits and dwarves are super charicatures of the film solid.

As an avid collector of lego, he totally loves this piece. Good measurement and a good deal of pleasant touches.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • one of the most stunning Hobbit builds
  • And excellent epic set that is not only Hobbit, but LOTR aswell!
  • Not unexpectedly a wonderful set
  • Every last detail is amazing.
  • fabulous product
  • This is so worth the money

Vendeur sérieux, colis très bien emballé, livraison dans les temps déterminé. Je conseille se vendeur pour les autre customers.

Ok im in my 20’s i’ll fortunately acknowledge that. I acquired this products due to the fact i am a moderate lego supporter and lotr junkie. Solution came speedy, and invested a pair of genuinely satisfying hrs functioning on it slowly and gradually, it now sits on my window ledge and the detail in this set is just. Increadile :) only point is. The pieces like to occur aside extremely effortlessly so i advise gluing as you go alongside.

LEGO Legends of Chima 70006: Cragger’s Command Ship : Superb value for money.

This is a enormous 609 piece, six mini-figure make. The battle ship is substantial and seems like a crocodile would if it was floating alongside in the drinking water ready for something delicious to arrive near. You obtain mini-figures from 3 diverse tribes – crocs, ravens and lions – this is a unusual prevalence. Crocsthe pleasant factor is that even nevertheless the crocs originally search identical a closer glance reveals that they have unique printing. The printing will come across the torso, back, legs and ft of the crocs. Beneath the crocodile ‘helmet’ is awesome ‘facial’ printing. – cragger – 2 faced – pink/burgundy printing, gold torso armour, 2-tone green helmet with pink scar over the left eye. Arrives with double finished weapon and crimson cape. – crominus – 2 faced – purple/burgundy printing, gold torso armour and gold and environmentally friendly helmet – pink/burgundy cape.

Hrs of enjoyable when generating their facourite chima episodes and producing new types.

Loads of hrs of entrateinment guaranteedlots of people and a lot of detachable and indipendent partsmunted by a five and seven a long time old whitout any assistance. As usually great guidelines from lego.Here are the specifications for the LEGO Legends of Chima 70006: Cragger’s Command Ship:

  • Features CHI, opening mouth, articulated tail and claws, opening cockpits, flick missiles, and detachable mini boats and helicopter
  • Weapons include 4 CHI weapons
  • Croc mouth fits a minifigure
  • Launch a croc stealth attack.
  • Float the Command Ship in water.

My 5 12 months outdated spends hours making and participating in with the ship, characters. Great price tag in comparison to the sizing and range of things.

I gave this products five stars as it is so deserved. The service amazon present is next to none and the solution by itself is 1st class. Distinct recommendations and an amazing product. Our 7 calendar year old grandson is addicted to it. He will get fantastic enjoyment from creating it, while he is quite rapid, and quite a few more hrs of exciting participating in with it – function play with grandad.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great for kids young and old!!
  • stunning crocodile ship
  • Craggers command ship
  • Superb value for money.

I acquired this for my 8 year outdated son and he loves it. You just cant defeat lego it has everything, retains them amused, tends to make their brains do the job and defeat of all it isnt on a screen.

Good for youngsters younger and old. My 9 12 months outdated son was lucky adequate to lately acquire this lego legends of china craggers command ship. The set is aimed at young children aged eight-14 and this is thanks to the range of parts in the set, which is 609. My son was able to mainly establish the established independantly but at periods needed reassurance from an grownup that he was executing it alright. The instructions had been laid out obviously and straightforward to follow. The legends of chima selection is one of the more recent ranges in the lego current market and albeit i wasn’t guaranteed at very first as i choose the lego metropolis assortment, it was terrific enjoyable to enjoy with for my kids(aged 7 & nine) and for me to be a part of inwe used this established as website visitors from one more earth and it completely compliments a child’s exisiting lego selection or can be performed with individually owing to the sizing of the established and the 6 people integrated. This established has the extra entertaining that you can match a minifigure in the croc’s mouth and you can also float the command ship in water which is a novel thought and adds to the playability of the product. The established is really highly-priced, but absolutely truly worth the money as the play options are limitless.