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LEGO DUPLO 5608 Train Starter Set : Greeat little set.

Great starter set for a little boy, easy to assemble, and hours of fun. Will add to it in the future.

Items were perfect our grandson will love them been into trains since a baby now 4 ye he has both ars old and into lego so wit thishe has both thanks for great productsxxxmrs read.

I give this train 5 out of 5. My three year old loves it and plays with it for hours. The on/off button is easy for a child to operate. Although the tracks fit together easily, he needs help to assemble in order, to form a circle. I would recommend this toy – a great train starter set. Here are the specifications for the LEGO DUPLO 5608 Train Starter Set:

  • Duplo, Lego, Train, passengers, tracks, Ages: 2-5

We got this for my little boys 2nd birthday. It is great the whole family have enjoyed it as he is having so much fun. He has played with it constantly. The train turns itself once it has been on a little while which is great with toddlers who don’t have very long attention spans. Also the petrol pump makes noise which he loves. Since we bought it we have had to buy extra track, bridge etc to keep him interested but has all been well worth it. We do counting pieces of track putting them together etc as well so can be very educational as well.

We bought this for our 20 month old grand daughter who loves technology (plays apps on her father’s ipad and iphone from power off) this was the big hit of christmas day but she soon discovered it was more fun to dispense with the track and let the passengers explore the hall and kitchen. She loves the ‘glug-glug-glugg noise as she refuels the engine. The clever thing is that when it hits an obstacle, it powers off.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great starter lego for a two year old
  • Train glee for a toddler
  • Best toy we have!
  • Little Charlie loves it
  • Lego Duplo Train Starter set
  • The children love it.

Lego duplo train startyer set. Much appreciated by the father of the 2 year old it was bought for who wants more for his own birthday.

Had one of these (non motorised) for my son over 25 years ago. Bought this one for my grandson this christmas. Great then and even better now. If you are a lego fan, you’ll love this for the children.