LEGO Star Wars 75005: Rancor Pit : Grandson delighted

Bought the jabba’s palace by means of amazon at a terrific cost so was equipped to include this to seven calendar year olds birthday pile.

We bought jabba’s palace as well, and actually this was important to give a decent perform area. High priced, but if you get a fantastic offer like we did, it’s seriously pleasant.

Brillant piece to increase to the selection. Hrs of fun setting up and participating in with for any child.Here are the specifications for the LEGO Star Wars 75005: Rancor Pit:

  • Features opening gate, secret room and hidden compartment
  • Rancor features movable arms, jaw, hands and fingers
  • Accessories include bone, 2 keys, pitchfork and a bucket
  • Find the hidden key in the secret compartment.
  • Open the gate or smash it down onto the rancor.

T h e r a n c o r p i t a t t a c h e s o n t o j a b b a s p a l a c e w h i c h i s g o o d a n d i t g o’s o n t o t h e b o t t o m o f j a b b a s p a l a c e.

My eleven yr aged son loves this and has been actively playing with it a whole lot, along with his jabba’s palace established.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A little pricey, but I had to get it :)
  • Would only buy this with jabba’s palace
  • Excellent Lego Set
  • excellent product
  • Not worth 50 quid
  • Not great value. Seem to pay a lot for the Star Wars theme.

Good acquire plenty of depth and rancor just what you will need to keep a 6 yr outdated joyful (and his father).

Outstanding, fantastic entertaining to make,with tons of concealed compartments. You cannot go improper with lego.

One thought on “LEGO Star Wars 75005: Rancor Pit : Grandson delighted”

  1. This review is from : LEGO Star Wars 75005: Rancor Pit

    Another great product from lego, but unfortunately it doesn’t really work as a standalone set. It really needs to be paired with jabba’s palace (9516) to realise its full potential, and so is rather expensive for what it is. The rancor figure is fantastic, and the new gamorrean guard looks much better than ones in older sets. It’s a shame that when you do seat jabba’s palace on top were it belongs, the gate cannot be raised.
  2. This review is from : LEGO Star Wars 75005: Rancor Pit

    This is a great addition to any star wars enthusiast’s collection.
      1. Seem to pay a lot for the star wars theme. . Has a lot of very small parts in addition to the lego parts. Did not think that this was value for money although my grandson loved it.
  3. This review is from : LEGO Star Wars 75005: Rancor Pit

    One of the best lego sets we’ve purchased. Pretty easy to construct, quite durable and excellent fun. The rancor is the best lego figure i’ve seen.
  4. This review is from : LEGO Star Wars 75005: Rancor Pit

    This item came very quickly and was just what i wanted for my grandson.
      1. My 4 year old loved this lego build. Was not too fussed about putting the rancor pit together but put the characters and the rancor together himself and then played for hours. Great hidden compartments were a real treat for him.

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