LEGO Star Wars 75021: Republic Gunship : 5 Stars for the Republic Gunship

Regrettably we believe that there was a smaller piece lacking on the set (so annoying).

Purchased for my superb boy its the a person pressie he wants for xmas and he will be so happy on xmas early morning.

Durable, nicely made, terrific pleasurable. I used numerous hrs working on this venture with my eight year old son.Here are the specifications for the LEGO Star Wars 75021: Republic Gunship:

  • Includes 7 minifigures with weapons
  • Features 4 ball gun turrets with space for minifigures, flick missiles, 8 top-mounted flick missile launchers
  • Weapons include 2 Lightsabers, blaster pistol, blaster and a blaster rifle
  • Aim the turrets and fire
  • Restock the flick missile launchers!

Extremely great established of lego, was pretty pleased with the established of lego.

The republic gunship is a real natural beauty to glance at, for his proprietor and mother and father alike. My son (nine, with tons of lego encounter) place it with each other himself, experienced to talk to father for aid to fit a person aspect on two occasions took him a total working day to create. Lots of great particulars like sliding doorways, cabin swinging to the side, missiles. The ship is pretty weighty, and though it has awesome devices to play with, it would be really cumbersome to carry a ton for participate in. In our case, it’ll be a lot more like a collector’s merchandise, as we have a couple more compact star wars ships currently.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Gunship is AWESOME
  • Lego Star Wars gunship
  • Republic Gunship 2013 LEGO Star Wars
  • 5 Stars for the Republic Gunship
  • Excellent Republic Gunship – perfect Christmas Present!
  • One of the best Starwars set!!

five stars for the republic gunship. Best reward for kinds and grownups star war enthusiasts with a lot of pieces and figures.

This was the xmas existing for 1 of my grandsons and he enjoys it.

One thought on “LEGO Star Wars 75021: Republic Gunship : 5 Stars for the Republic Gunship”

  1. A few dings in the original box but. Discontinued lego set for my little lad, so i’m sure he’ll be happy. A few dings in the original box but no dramas.
  2. Delivered only 2 days after ordered which was great. Delivered only 2 days after ordered which was great. This was a birthdy present for our son,he loved it,the end product was impressive,yes lego is expensive but i feel this was well worth it.
    1. One of my favourite lego models that i own. Beautifully designed, big, fun to swoosh around, has real presence on the shelf. Normally i’m only interested in original trilogy models, but i’m glad i broadened my horizons for this one. Pricey, but feels substantial and well designed enough to justify that price.
  3. This review is from : LEGO Star Wars 75021: Republic Gunship

    Unfortunately we believe there was a small piece missing on the set (so frustrating).
  4. This review is from : LEGO Star Wars 75021: Republic Gunship

    This was the christmas present for one of my grandsons and he loves it.
  5. This review is from : LEGO Star Wars 75021: Republic Gunship

    Excellent republic gunship – perfect christmas present. Excellent – probably the best piece of star wars lego that we have. It is larger than expected and in good proportion to the clone trooper minifigures. It is also sturdy and very well thought out with a clever retractable handle on top to aid with flying the gunship on missions around your home. The gunship took about 3 evenings to put together but construction was not too onerous thanks to the clear and simple instructions. Our 6 year old son is absolutely delighted with it.
      1. Republic gunship 2013 lego star wars. The box features the new 2013 lego star wars design which features a green background to complement the yoda figure in the top right of the box. The box advertises a poster inside and shows the mini-figures with details of the set’s features on the back. Initially i was a little hesitant, to buy this, when this set first came out because it looked like just another rework of an old set from 2008 – however, there real improvements in this set in my opinion. It may look, just about similar on the outside, but the construction has been greatly developed. This one is very well designed and sturdy set. It includes a little handle that you can grab to pick it up (or hang it from a shelf, but it is strong enough that you can easily grab it from the bottom or top and it will stay together. On opening the box, you will find 10 bags in total. 9 of the bags include the set pieces and are numbered 1-9. The 10th bag includes two sets of instructions, a piece of cardboard (to place the set on as you build and work on it); there are a sheet of stickers, and a poster.

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