LEGO Star Wars 7964: Republic Frigate : Star Wars 7964 Republic Frigate

This set will come with a lot of stickers which is why i have to give it a 4/5 aside from that this established is seriously educational to the real serious star wars frigate in the clone wars. The figures are actually awesome, eeth koth is the leader of the eco-friendly clones from the 2011 wintertime clone trooper battle pack. Quin lan vos is a really well-known figure in the comics and the clone wars. Yoda is my al time favorite. Commander wolffe’s jedi is plo koon. Above all the set is extremely excellent featuring a bomb spot and a incredibly neat escape pod. I hope you liked this and my other assessments for the upcoming.

Absolutely sure they will be pleased. . Purchased as a present for a person, sure they will be pleased.

A current for my son, he totally loves lego, and has normally obtained an invention on the go, a further to insert to his collection.Here are the specifications for the LEGO Star Wars 7964: Republic Frigate:

  • Includes 5 minifigures: Yoda, Eeth Koth, Quinlan Vos, Clone Commander Wolffe and Wolfpack Clone Trooper
  • Features detachable escape pod, opening cockpit, rotating turbo-laser cannons, proton torpedo launcher, retractable undercarriage, opening hatches and detailed interior
  • Open the hatches to play in the detailed interior with windows, storage compartment, seating and dashboard
  • Communicate with Chancellor Palpatine through the holographic transmitter and unfold the 4 legs to make a smooth landing or to display
  • Rotate the turbo-laser cannons to fire in any direction

Lego star wars #7964 republic frigate. Purchased this for my 11 12 months old son and he enjoys it. Took about 2 afterschool sessions to create it. Ideal little bit ‘the escape pod since no other kits have one’least greatest little bit ‘not more than enough characters’he has had a lot of kits over the several years and he has in no way played with one as substantially soon after making it = consequence .

I have a incredibly delighted eight year old who experienced this for his birthday – it is not a strong as some other versions, but he’s happy so i cannot complain as well a lot.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Lego Star Wars #7964 Republic Frigate
  • lego star wars 79644
  • 12 year olds dream
  • A great addition to your Star wars Lego collection
  • Excellent construction toy

We acquired this as a christmas existing for our 9 year aged grandson. The appear of delight on his facial area designed the order cost well worth it. It took him and his father three and a half hours to set it together. (i dont know who experienced most enjoyable) the directions ,i am explained to, were being uncomplicated to abide by but would be dificult for a baby to put jointly by him,or herself. On the other hand they were both hugely delighted with the result. Dont think they will be having it apart again. At least not for a although in any case. All in all a excellent buylego star wars 7964: republic frigate.

A wonderful addition to your star wars lego collection. This took my 14 12 months outdated son just a several hours to create for his young sibling. A very good measurement and extra importantly, fairly strong not like some lego versions which can not be played with as bits fall off.Various opening parts to see the inside of the ship. A cut price price tag from amazon as well when compared to else where, saving more than £20.

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  1. My son loves his lego and this item was what it described. Yes i would recommend item to friends who are interested in buying lego.
    1. Lego star wars 7964 republic frigate. The box is huge, and it took me a few nights to build. The set is really sturdy, and there are loads of features. Best of all i got the frigate when it was £80, not £160.It is quite big, there are 6 lots of bags inside.
      1. Great piece, big toy, great fun to play with. At the beginning i wanted to buy the millennium falcon, but as i could not buy it, at a good discount, i bought this instead. This choice turned out to be the best one and i realized that only after finished building the space craft. Likesi really liked the retractable handle’s position on top of the frigate. It provides a balanced manipulation of the frigate, that helps you lift and move the item safely, without any fear of possible dismantling, breaking or other. I found its construction really sturdy and tough as my son kept playing without breaking it apart. I found the small cabins on the two sides and front of the frigate more playable, more fun to play with, offering a diversity in positioning the mini-figures, adding a multi-character kind of pretend play rather than having a wide open space like the millennium falcon has. I find the later a bit boresome. The retracted pod, is also a great fun to have it stuffed with minifigures, while docking it and undocking it very easily. Dislikesi did not like having multiple bags marked with the same number, as i found it confusing allocating the right bricks.
  2. This review is from : LEGO Star Wars 7964: Republic Frigate

    This was purchased for my 8 year old grandson for christmas. We all had a great time building them during the holidays.
    1. Good product for my 8 year old son. Excellent if a little expensive but then all lego is. Great for my son who spent days putting it together.
      1. Paid less than £70 for this set. The set was easy to build and is much bigger than expected. My son tells me that you cannot get some of the included mini-figures in any of the other star wars sets currently available.
  3. This review is from : LEGO Star Wars 7964: Republic Frigate

    Usual very high standard from lego. My 6 year old nephew is very impressed with this “toy” and instructions as usual are very clear. Its expensive but impressive when built.
  4. This review is from : LEGO Star Wars 7964: Republic Frigate

    A present for my son, he absolutely loves lego, and has always got an invention on the go, another to add to his collection.
  5. This review is from : LEGO Star Wars 7964: Republic Frigate

    7 year old grandson still building (with help from parents). Instructions are clear and easy to follow even for 7 year old.
    1. My sons, aged 8 and 10 enjoyed building and playing with it and are still playing with it well into januarythe reason for the 4 star rating is some panels break off quite easily, they could have designed it slightly better.
  6. This review is from : LEGO Star Wars 7964: Republic Frigate

    I am getting this toy in 3 more days. I think this is the right toy if your child loves lego like me.
  7. This review is from : LEGO Star Wars 7964: Republic Frigate

    I think this went down very well. This was a gift, so never got to play with it.
    1. 2 hours of fun putting it together and hours of fun playing with it. Will highly recommend it to others.
      1. This was fairly tricky for my kids to build (aged 6 and 11) but they loved it. Slightly delicate and easy to break if playing with a lot. Quite large and looks good surrounded by all the little lego characters.
  8. Being a starwars enthusiast myself even the clone wars series is cool and i adore the ships and the crew. Thsi ship i used as a christmas daily advent calendar sp a little bit was built everyday. Great expens to what model it was and fun to build. Not for small kids as it’s a complicated build and comes apart if not handled with care.
    1. Bought this for my 8-year old son for christmas. Great price for the amount of lego you get – obviously haven’t opened it yet but it’s lego so pretty much know what to expect. Bought it early as this was the model to have – and anticipated (correctly,as it turns out) price increase in the build up to christmas. Can’t wait to see his face on christmas day.

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