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LEGO City 7734: Cargo Plane : takes up half a carry on suitcase.

The design builds up nicely, has much more depth than lego applied to when i was a kid. The propellers turn and the doors have a clean action. The luggage trailer combo is a bit fiddly, but appears great. Lego costs look to have gone up considering that i purchased this however. I guess the weak pound/solid euro is to blame.

Requires up half a have on suitcase. . Experienced it brought above from england by my father. Please be recommended it is a rather massive established, when packaged it took up 50 percent of my fathers suitcase, the form of suitcase that suits in the have on baggage room.

Here are the specifications for the LEGO City 7734: Cargo Plane:

  • Includes Loading and Transfer Equipment

Reviews from purchasers :

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  • takes up half a carry on suitcase.